De-Feeting The Blues…

The more conversations I have with friends, family, clients or strangers, the more I realize how everyone is stressed! Burdened with worries of the economy, aging parents, growing children and struggling relationships (including with ourselves). We are physically and mentally spent. All you have to do is watch the evening news and see how many advertisements there are for antacids, antidepressants, hair restoration, impotency medication and pain relievers! These are all  medications to relieve symptoms of a body/mind overwhelmed! I’m not discounting the benefits of any of these medications or treatments but I’m promoting PREVENTION FIRST!


I teach martial arts for a living, self-defense is a major part of what I teach. The most important aspect of self-defense is being in shape to defend yourself! What have you done lately about your diet? Food is fuel. Are you fueling your body with good nutrients that will maintain optimal function? Are you exercising your body to keep it strong and mobile? Are you feeding you spirit with prayer and meditation? Are you feeding your mind with good information? Poor physical, and spiritual states lead to the “Blues” start defeating the blues by getting outdoors and walk, jog, or dare I say run! The endorphins you produce, the calories that you burn and the stress you WILL relieve may save more than a trip to the doctors for one of the aforementioned medications.

Maybe just maybe you may De-Feet The Blues…

Have you exercised today?



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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