On The Road To Recovery…

Injuries or interruption can be discouraging and bothersome. How we handle our recovery time has a great deal to do with how we handle other setbacks in our daily lives.  For instance if you develop a plan on how you’ll recoup; rest, ice, stretching or what ever the injury requires. There’s a good chance you’ll deal with other challenges in the same way.

Never discount your mental attitude in recovery,  be as positive as possible. Find satisfaction in the small gains in your come back. Don’t look back and see how or where you where, that’s done. You need to stay focused on regaining and improving what was lost.  Refocus your goals and plans try to figure out what tripped you up. Remember a pull or other like injuries are symptoms of some greater issue; poor form, inadequate hydration, worn training equipment or even lack of rest and recovery time.

Once you’ve figured out the probable cause now you’re on your way to becoming a better runner, martial artist, baseball player – A better you! Remember we learn from failures and setbacks and the only true failure is the failure to try!





By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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