Everyone Runs…

I had a master to black belt talk today with two of my high ranking students.  Most anyone in a mentoring relationship has given similar advice.  I explained to the students that we all “run” we may not all be runners but everyone is running…

It has been my observation there are three main categories for running – None of which have to do with running a race. The first type of running is when we are running toward something; a goal, an ambition anything sought after. This can be  productive or destructive depending upon what we’re seeking. My belief it is far more productive.  The second type of running is running in place or running in circles; this is never productive, it denotes mediocrity, going no where.  The very vision of someone running in the same spot would create a rut!  The third type of running is away from something, this is the opposite of running toward something. This type of running is nearly always counter productive as we can never run away from ourselves and our true essence.

If we look at the above “running styles”  as where we are as  spiritual beings, we are better able to understand where we are in our spiritual development.  Are we seeking fulfillment, marking time or hiding from our true selves? If you look closely only the first type represents positive movement the other two represent stagnation and avoidance.

I can’t  emphasize the importance of positive actions (running toward) enough. The race is a short one don’t get caught marking time in this life if you do you’ll be mocking time and then you’ll regret you didn’t run for your life!

Get on your mark get set and GO!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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