Running a Tab…

I had a lot to think about as I limped back home after I was unable to run even a mile on the road.  What made me think that after a week of barely walking on a treadmill, intense massage therapy to my left hip and leg, finally drinking enough water and stretching the way I should have, that I would don my running gear and all would be fine?

Pure arrogance, face it I’ve been running a tab  on abusing myself;  with hit or miss stretching, lying to myself that coffee is liquid therefore a substitute for water, believing that I’m indestructible, over training and missing rest.  Now the universe is asking to be repaid  and my hip has been repossessed! Call it karma or neglect it all adds up to arrogance and not thinking of consequences.

There is my self-realization, what’s your’s? Face it we  are arrogant as a nation, a national debt in the trillions, there isn’t a state with an obesity level less than 20% the projected divorce rate is 50%!  What does this tell me? That individually we must have an issue in one of these areas also. Unless you’re one of the few enlightened avatars sent here to show us home. How can we resolve these issues? We start with humility, self-control, and respect for a Higher Power.

I started my humility training with, ice, rest, a SOS to my massage therapist, meditation and better insight, especially  after reading this passage from the Tao;

“The way to greater light leads through the darkness,

Going ahead feels like falling back.

The even path seems rugged and hilly,

The highest power a yielding valley.”

(Tao 41)

I hope you start paying off your tab soon, karma’s a tough creditor!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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