Road Signs…

Next time you are driving take time to really be aware of the road signs.  Don’t just view them as posted information  from the DMV but as subtle reminders of how we should be living as well as driving…

Here are a few examples; SLOW DOWN SCHOOL ZONE , we obviously know there is a school ahead, but what if we looked at this as a message from the universe? Slow Down Take Notice You Have A Few Things To Learn!   The next sign may be CAUTION SPEED BUMP AHEAD. Perhaps another subtle warning to pay attention to what’s happening in your life?  Slow Down It’s Going To Be Bumpy!  This might be followed by CAUTION DANGEROUS CURVE AHEAD. The universe somehow suggesting ignoring posted signs are just going to lead to, A few scary unexpected twists!  Finally we see a big red octagon sign that says STOP! Once again we are reminded, this time more emphatically, To Stop take a look reevaluate before proceeding!  We all understand the consequences of ignoring these signs when driving. We may receive a ticket or get into an accident, ironically both of these incidents land us in the breakdown lane…

I’m guessing we land in some sort of breakdown lane when the universe’s road signs are ignored. I’m sitting in one now, sidelined with and injury that perhaps could have been avoided if I had followed the “signs.” With that said I’ll be following these two road signs Soft Shoulders, and relying on the comfort and encouragement of family and friends. Along with the most important road sign of them all YIELD… I’m slowing down and letting my Higher Power go before me…

Keep your eyes on the road,



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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