This summer has heralded may changes for me and the school. The final group of students that I trained from their fist day are all going off to college. This is so bitter sweet for me to see these once little boys grow into outstanding young men. The experience  has been an honor and I shall cherish the memories. Some of my adults are also experiencing a growth spurt and are leaving the area to pursue different challenges. It is difficult to see these people leave the school, its like the end of an era. We all grew up together the students grew in the art and into adulthood, while I grew as a teacher and an artist.

Time is an asset that never grows it only matures… One moment you’re teaching an eight year old girl and in the next nano second you’re teaching her seven year old daughter!  This realization is both scary and comforting. Scary in the fact you wonder where did it all go, comforting in the fact that it will continue on even when you’re gone.

It is my hope that the students who are exiting into a new life know that on every highway there is an off exit and an on exit, and not to disabuse Thomas Wolfe, but I believe you can go home again.


Be well and stay safe,

Master A/Ginnie

By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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