Broken Regulator

Why is it from the moment we awake, we’re already behind or imagine we are?  The pace of life is reminiscent of  a treadmill’s speed regulator being stuck on TEN! First we attempt to slow it down but we either can’t reach it or it’s broken. Trying to adjust ourselves to the pace just leads to exhaustion or injury. I’ve actually experienced this scary phenomena and it brings about a great deal of panic. It is something I never want to happen again, yet life is exactly like this sometimes. We have the speed regulator all the way up to ten with all of our expectations of what we are supposed to accomplish; in a given hour, day, week  or life time. We become stressed, overwhelmed and yes sometimes panicked.  I remember after I had the treadmill scare I was reluctant to get on one again. Is it any wonder we are reluctant to face our realities?

Are there solutions?  The treadmill eventually got repaired, as for the human experience we need to first plan and prioritize our hours, days and life times. We need to refocus ourselves to the things that really are important and not let ourselves be caught up in the rat race. Here’s one thing I’m going to try; I’m going to attempt avoiding gossip and spend more time sharing quality conversations about things that are meaningful. These types of conversations will hopefully guide me to more meaningful pursuits of my time. When we pursue with meaning and purpose we tend to eliminate many of the outside factors that create havoc with our “Speed Regulators” …

Keep it on 5 and enjoy the day …



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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