Changing States…

I was having a brief conversation with friends about  students who’ll be leaving for college and just moving in general. I’m always amused when people say they are leaving for a fresh start, to get away from it all or something that’s bringing them down. Believe me I’m not against moving or going away.  I think changing your geography when you have a purpose  like a new job, going away to school or any of the thousands of good reasons can be a growth experience. However, leaving for the sake of leaving is running away. One of the life lessons I’ve lived is no matter where you go you are there! If you’re leaving because another State is going to change your life you are wrong! The only state change that needs to happen is YOUR STATE OF MIND! If you have a self defeating attitude, poor esteem, no discipline this isn’t going to change when you leave Rhode Island!!! The only thing that will change is you’re address.

How we manage our states goes a long way toward how we develop as people. Getting to know ourselves, our true self is what this life is about. When we start understanding, accepting all that we are and truly loving ourselves, then we can move from state to state and not have to hire a UHAUL… Because WE’RE ALREADY THERE!


Enjoy your own company, when you enjoy yourself people will enjoy being with you…





By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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