Losing Face…

While “walking” on the treadmill this morning I started to think about how amazing communication is today. I’d just received a text from a friend in Scotland, read a Facebook comment from my brother in Arizona and received an order confirmation from a company in Philadelphia! All of that  took place on my Black Berry within minutes of each other. After the initial WOW this is crazy kind of moment. I asked myself what is the pay off? Can we actually gain all this without losing something? Then the realization – We’re losing FACE!  We are losing the face to face communication that is so important to truly understand one an other. The kind of communicating that touches souls… I’m doubtful poets will be waxing phrases such as; I looked deeply into my text message… We count on one an others facial expression for confirmation of what we are expressing. How many texts and emails have been misconstrued? Face it sarcasm doesn’t translate well in a text. What about the opportunities lost in hearing someone’s voice? I remember after my dad passed that I played a video over and over again to hear his voice. Will the kids of today want to replay a text? Does it hold the same meaning? Is it any wonder that bullying especially cyber bullying is become more rampant. When we no longer have to see the hurt or pain we can inflict on someone, does it make it easier to bully? I’m guessing yes.

I guess my point is technology should be used to enhance our communication, not replace our humanity, because if it does we truly will lose face…


Look at some one in the eyes and say I love you! Does it get better than that?


TTYL (sarcasm)



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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