Sudden Stop…

I review the obituaries daily. The idea is to see if there are any death notices I need to inform my mother about. I never really review them to see if there are any I should know about. After all I’m only fifty-four, why would any of my peers be listed?  We all know life doesn’t work that way and none of us are guaranteed to live until ninety (I’m shooting for one hundred). Imagine my surprise when I saw a friends brother’s name. I thought  it, wasn’t that long ago we skied and rafted together. Then the realization hits  that it was the late eighties – Over twenty years ago.

Time is cruel or the illusion is, one moment you’re twenty something taking life for granted. Then a Sudden Stop of the illusion,  you wake up and you’re fifty something! Life is less care free, now you’re a responsible adult working for a living. Hoping at the end of the work will be a vacation called retirement. We don’t think or want to think about premature death, but is there such a thing? Don’t we go when it’s our time?  We don’t know the truth to these difficult questions. What we do know is life begins and ends with a breath and in between we need to stop and have moments that take our breath away.

RIP Cliff’



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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