Energy Exchange…

Today I completed a mini course on Shiatsu, (finger pressure) massage. Unlike a traditional massage where muscles are worked. Shiatsu uses meridians or energy similar  to the lines used in acupuncture. I won’t go into detail about Shiatsu and how it works, that will take books. I will explain that it’s all about exchanging and balancing energy. There is the exchange of energy between the therapist and the client and the energy balancing of the client. It’s so amazing to me how all this works – Yet it shouldn’t be. You see we are always exchanging energy, whether it’s our own bodies constant rebalancing it self, or energy exchanges that occur between other living forces. Have you ever struggled to pick up a child who didn’t want to be picked up? What does that energy feel like? How about the intense energy of falling in love, or the calming energy that is exchanged when petting a cat or dog?  All of these energies confirm our own “aliveness”. Which makes me question how much and what types of energy do I exchange on a daily basis?

When we look to ourselves as an energy source for the greater good. When we are truly plugged in to the universe, and its needs. We can use our mental, physical, and spiritual energies to create a better world. If that happened if each individual used all their power would we have an “Energy Shortage”?


I will close with a quote from the Tao which speaks of our connectivity to the universe;


” To follow Tao brings compassion.

Compassion brings tolerance.

Tolerance brings strength.

Strength means harmony with nature;

Harmony with nature means oneness with Tao.

One with Tao you are impowered

And your life will be free from harm.”



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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