Acknowledge The Good…

Why do we find it difficult to enjoy the good? I’m finding less and less good news in the media and in the day to day communications shared. Why are we so focused on what’s wrong with life instead of what’s good? Have we assimilated the media’s presentation of The News”  into our own one on one conversations? For example; The media may report on the slow economic growth, a plane crash or the next potential flu outbreak. Our discourse may include, no money for a summer vacation, a mechanical issue with an automobile, or our latest trip to the doctors office. Do you see the parallels? I’m not claiming there are subliminal messages in the media so we can continue to propagate their bad news. What I am saying is maybe we’ve grown so accustomed to hearing what’s wrong in the world, that its become the customary way of relating to each other about the world.

So what can we do? I’ve always felt you can change anything if you change your thoughts. Let’s start by acknowledging what’s good; Like living simpler this summer and exploring the beautiful area in which we live. (I could never figure out why people left NewEngland in the summer) Expressing gratitude for the mechanics who keep your car running, (cheaper than a new  one) or thanking God for your health and caring for yourself by avoiding the bad news. Lets enjoy and celebrate life, its too precious and time is fleeting to focus on the bad. Remember we get what we focus on, if this is true maybe we can turn things around by focusing on whats good. I can only dream what the world would be like if the news outlets dedicated one day to only reporting good news. We know that will never happen, unless we make it happen. Start today spread some good news and encourage everyone you know. Maybe we can’t change the world but we can make ours more pleasant.

By the way this isn’t a new concept… Go forth and preach the “Good News” was asked of us over 2000 years ago.

Blessings and Happy Days,



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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