Recognizing Talent…

We all have talent . These gifts vary from the obvious like being athletic, artistic or musical – To the not so obvious like being a good negotiator, teacher, or administrator. How do we recognize these less obvious talents in ourselves and in others? We’ve all been through the self questioning and doubts about what we are and aren’t good at.  For  example it was obvious to me at the age of six I wasn’t good at art! My mom being very accomplished would always praise my efforts but when you exhibit your work and her remarks are “that’s beautiful honey, tell mommy what you’ve done”. You know you’re washed up at six. I didn’t fair so well in the musical and athletic departments either. So I had to wait to find my forte in one of the less obvious talents.

The problem with possessing one of the less obvious talents, is you don’t usually recognize them or appreciate them until much later. It took me until my mid thirties to discover I could teach, I mean really teach… After spending over a decade in nursing I found and recognized my true talent when I assisted my instructor with teaching martial arts. At first I thought I was good at teaching martial arts, because I enjoyed karate. It wasn’t until many years later I “knew” I was good at teaching (period). I’m unsure of when I had this satori but, it changed everything I ever believed about myself. It continues to mold me and my destiny in numerous ways. I’m still searching not for what I’m good at but, how can I use my talents for GOOD…

We each need to really learn what our true gifts are and how we can share them, for the greater good. It is only then will your true talent not only be recognized it will be realized…

Good Luck, this is one talent search that won’t be on FOX …


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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