Short and Sweet…

Never discount taking five minutes to sit and meditate or just to ponder… Get off the fast track to no where and sit – Just sit. Sounds like an idle waste of time doesn’t it? Think of it as a mini vacation in the craziness of the day. Time to regroup, breathe and take note of what you’re feeling.  It always amazes me how we go throughout the day without recognizing our moods or emotions. We “get through” the day like some sort of robot. Doing things often times without being aware. I’m sure you’ve experienced the phenomena when you’re driving somewhere and then seem to come out of your programed coma look up and go “Yikes, how did I get here?” It was as if the car was on auto pilot and you fell asleep. As sad as this sounds we do it all the time. By taking time to sit, pray, meditate or just being gratefully aware that we are alive and we are blessed! This moment can be Short and Sweet… Come back to life! Begin to see with all your senses…

Life with all the heartaches, challenges and difficulties is beautiful! Take a minute to reawaken and get to living…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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