Ode To A Little Dragon…

The days they pass so quickly now; nights are seldom long… John Denver’s voice echos in my headphones as I write this. I’m having one of those revisit moments. You know when we hit a place in our lives when we need to look back before we go forward. My last crew of little dragons have graduated high  school and are off to college. I tested long time students for high ranking dans. September looms and another “Season” for the school (although true martial arts knows no season) is about to begin. Walls to wash, mats to flip, curriculum to review and marketing to plan. It’s the same theme but some of the favorite characters are gone. More will be there to replace the long time regulars but it will be different… The innocents is gone. They grew up with me and I with them, they got karate and life lessons – I honed teaching and administrative skills. There was kicking kata, universal five, first tournament nerves, Jr. Black Belt Tests, four or five rebuilds of the dojo, and love, lots of love, for the art and for each other… They are all embarking on another chapter, so will I. Things can never stay the same… I hope they remember what they’ve learned, not any particular technique, but the life lessons of respect, courtesy  and self-discipline. I pray they become the people we need them to be, compassionate leaders with vision.

As we travel on love’s what we’ll remember… is now on the ipod, ironic, and no I won’t forget or regret what I did for love…

So Alex, Jeff, Alex, Brandon and all who’ve already gone; once more for old time sake; Sensei says,”have a great life” Lock in Bow… Class Dismissed.


Master Amaral



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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