Looking Out and Remembering Back – The Sea…

I believe today was the first day in which I gave my body and my mind a vacation – I went to the beach! Funny going to the beach as a child was an everyday occurrence in the summer. There was swimming lessons at summer camp, family gatherings down the Narrows in Bristol, lovely excursions to the ocean and jumping off the rock at the end of Maple Street in Warren. All of these memories are still near and dear to my heart. In fact today looking out into the ocean I spotted a little girl and her dad. I remembered all the incredible fun I had at the beach with my dad. For some reason my father always was happier, more animated and alive at the beach. I remember he’d take his glasses off and be out playing in the water with us – Using his cupped hands as spring board  he’d throw us laughing and screaming into the water. He’d pretend he was a shark and sneak up on us, or he’d show us how to dive off the floating dock at the Narrows. I remember body surfing at second beach for hours, parent days at camp and digging for quahogs. It was my special time with dad (my brother was water phobic). Even after my brother moved away and I moved back I’d take dad to the beach and we’d spend the day sometimes just talking and swimming… It amazes me how one small incident brought back so many pleasant experiences… Not only was today restful, it was memorable…

I love days like this, having people we’ve lost come back and share a moment through our memories…


Thanks Dad,


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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