What Matters…

It’s been a week since Irene blew in and out of our lives and it left me with the following impressions; We are way too dependent upon electricity, we are spoiled and some of us are ungrateful and oblivious to how lucky we really are.

The day of the storm, people were able to get into their cars drive to Mc Donald’s to get hot food and use WiFi. Most of us could go to our cars to recharge various electronic devices. A lot of us had generators and many didn’t even lose power. Yet people were complaining after a few days without electricity that they were “suffering”… Are you kidding me? Look I enjoy my television, computer and kuerig as much as the next person, but “suffering?” What are you talking about? First and foremost no lives were lost. There were areas harder hit and suffered far more than we did. Everything that happened could be fixed – All it required was patience!

There are places in Africa where people spend their entire day just walking to get water for basic needs. Children can’t go to school because they have to help carry water. This isn’t for a few days and God help us for a week! This is their everyday existence! I was embarrassed and appalled listening to the people calling in complaining about who’s electric got turned on first. People where actually complaining they saw linemen eating! What is wrong with us? ¬†Are we so addicted to conveniences that we can’t live without them?

I for one found these simple things to enjoy; the quiet, how bright the stars were, reading and just sitting quietly. I realized how extremely wonderful a hot shower is and how blessed I am to be able to enjoy one by just walking a few feet.

As the anniversary of 9-11 draws near I hope we recall what we lost and what tragedy truly is:The devastation from Katrina on the Gulf – The earthquakes in Hati and Japan, and then hang our heads in shame on our reaction to Irene…

I’m back writing everyday, barring any power outage – I’m sure you’ll survive without me!



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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