Same Show Different Day…

In this morning’s staff meeting I was explaining how as instructors we get tuned out when we become one dimensional.  The example I used is when we view the same dvd over again we know exactly what’s going to be said and what’s going to happen.  This sort of thing happens in almost every area of our lives.  We don’t always realize it  but it’s described as “the classes are boring”,  “there’s no surprises in our relationship”, “the job is old hat”…  Any of these sound familiar?

So how do we fix it? First of all in order to solve a problem you have to recognize you have one! Many of us are in a comfort zone (rut) – The only way out is to change  something and be conscious of the change. Ask questions, how can I be better? Is there someone somewhere who is doing what I’d like to do? If there is call him/her ask them questions, ask them to mentor you!  The universe is multidimensional and things are being duplicated constantly – Why not your happiness or success?

If your tired of the same old show everyday, put in another dvd!



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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  1. I love how you put comfort zone (rut) because they are exactly the same. Being here in the land of never ending summer has awaken me to some degree that I appreciate the little things like the sunrise or sunsets and not taken things for granted because you see the “same movie” over and over. But on the flip side its this blog that rewards me with the ability to watch the parts that I like the most.

    Yours in the Arts,


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