Running on Inspiration…

Those of you who’ve been following this blog know I sustained a minor injury eleven weeks ago. The injury prevented me from running and for a short while restricted my daily activities. After much support from friends and family I took to the streets yesterday to “Walk” the CVS Charity 5K. Anyone who’s entered a 5K especially one that has 5000 people entered knows once the gun goes off so does everyone else! It is nearly impossible to Walk at least the first five hundred meters. The sense of exuberance and determination in the participants propels them forward in a joyful frenzy. Caught up in this frenzy I started a slow jog to avoid getting trampled. Once the crowed cleared I started to power walk but,  found my stride for jogging was far more comfortable and “familiar.”  So I proceeded to jog. It  was then I noticed a participant in a wheelchair wheeling his way past people in the crowd. His chair had a sign that said please don’t push. As I jogged to get beside him I said, “I won’t push you if you won’t push me.” He responded “you’ve got it all wrong, I’m doing this to push you!” Then he removed his hands from the wheels of his chair and clapped, cheering me forward. Fully engulfed in the spirit of the day, my friends, the moment and the angel in the wheelchair. I continued to run only stopping for water all the way to the end. Not only finishing a race I thought at best I’d run a mile in I beat my time from a year ago! Which proves how powerful we become when we are truly inspired – In Spirit! I believe my guardian angel spoke through that man. My father’s spirit shows up at weird times but always when I need a kick in the ass, even from a man with no legs!

From the finish line,


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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