This One’s For You Dad…

Today my father would have celebrated his 82nd birthday, but he passed 22 years ago. Funny years don’t seem to calculate the same with someone who’s gone. First of all I can’t imagine my father at 82, he passed away when he was 59 – Five years older than my present age.

Secondly his spirit is always with me.  I think of him everyday – Not that I say okay time to think about dad – Its more subtle. Sort of a spirit to being conversation. No, I’m not hearing voices, or maybe I am. It goes something like this; there is a particular circumstance that will fit a phrase he would say or suddenly a favorite joke of his pops into my head. Then there are the weird moments when he makes a guest appearance in my dreams. What freaks me out the most is when I can smell him – The combination of beer, brandy, Camel Cigarets and Old Spice aftershave. You may say that fits quite a few men of a certain generation. That is true, but it happens when there is no one else in the room or no one else who’d smell that way!  Then there are the full packs or unsmoked Camels I occasionally find, the day after dreaming of him!

So whether it’s my imagination, wishful thinking or actual visits from the “other side.” Dad is here!  So today I went to visit with him at his grave site and we do what we always do every September 21st just as I promised I would – We split a beer!


Salute, Love Ya and Miss Ya

Your Pain in The Ass!

BTW I wore my NY Giant Sweatshirt!



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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