Waxing Simple…

Somewhere on the way to making things easier and more convenient we over complicated  simple!

That was my very thought reviewing the owner’s manual to my new car. After realizing there are at ten different ways to turn on the radio (and ten pages explaining how) I opted for a dial! There are voice activated, controls on the wheel, on the dash and probably in the trunk! All these options to do one task! Is it any wonder we are all so stressed? Do we really need that many options to put on a radio?

That experience got me to reviewing the other simple things that are now overly complicated.  For instance buying a cup of coffee, I remember when all you had to say was small, medium or large and if you wanted milk and or sugar. Now it’s tall (which is small), grande, or vente with non fat, whole or soy milk, decaf, or half decaf, dark roast or medium roast, raw sugar,white sugar, or any of the variety of artificial sweeteners! Let’s not get into the rest of the ways coffee can be prepared (I need to be at work in seven hours).

Maybe we should stop looking how to make things easier and return to making them simpler. Then we will spend less time and stress less over the many choices! The Buddha explained the greater choices the greater the suffering! I wonder what his advice would be if he were around today? I’m guessing he’d order a medium black coffee and use the dial on the radio!






By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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