From Here…

Did you ever wake up some mornings and say to your self how did I get here? I’m not speaking of the what happens in Vegas kind of mornings, but the morning awakenings that jar you into the present. You know the kind, the yesterday I was twenty something and had it all figured out and today I’m fifty something and haven’t a clue! You can’t figure out where the time went, how you got to be who you are and sometimes you’re not even sure you know yourself!

So what do you do from here? You can roll over and forget you’ve just received a notice from God/The Universe/Your Higher Power or you take advantage of the message and answer those questions. How? By looking for what moves your spirit. What inspires you? Start by listening to your inner voice trusting your gut! Many of us feel unfulfilled because we’ve followed paths created by others.

The next step is decide what you want and ask for it… Be willing to accept all that will come along with it – Nothing is for free. We always have karma to pay back…

As for me, I’m figuring that out, I’ll keep lacing my shoes and run, tying my belt and teach but I’ll be sitting quietly and listen to what my heart desires…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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