Two Blogs Better Than One?

For those of you and the two of you know who you are, that follow this blog I will be writing a send blog. the second blog is called Sixth Dan and you can get both blogs at

So are two blogs better than one? That question remains to be seen, but here are a few of the differences in both. This blog will continue to be about random thought from my day, usually from a run. This blog will contain more variety and probably a deeper thought process.

Sixth Dan is a chronicle of my up coming test and training. This will be more of a diary. My hope is to have my students see how to train like a black belt! I’m also trying to motivate fifty somethings off the couch! Especially the woman! Sort of if I can do it so can you!

So like the other areas of my life I will be multi tasking blogs!



PS, this blog is written by Ginnie and the Sixth Dan is written by my alter ego Msta!

By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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