Gone Too Soon…

Everyday I check out the local obituaries for familiar names and report back to my  seventy something mother. Thankfully I don’t recognize many of the names. Regretfully I recognize the generation.

Tom Brokaw wrote a book called the Greatest Generation – Truer words were never spoken! As I read the ages and life accomplishments of these departed souls. I can’t help but wonder who’s going to remind us of who we were – Give us our come up-ens. I believe this generation to be one of the most hardworking and creative generations of any time. Most lived through world wars, conflicts, and economic depressions. All have gone from radio to the internet without a second thought — Seeing Buck Rogers come to fruition. Cooked on and with everything from wood stoves to microwaves. Been through and saw more growth and change than any other generation has or will – Yet remained grounded with ethics of hard work, love of country and respect for the land.

I can’t help but wonder what we’ll be without them? I only pray that we watched, listened and learned…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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