Today I went totally out of m comfort zone – So I thought!

My school is going to be participating in a local tree decorating contest for charity. Today we got together students,parents and staff to craft ornaments. To say I have any talent in or enjoy doing crafts would be a lie…

What I am is a team player and an involved citizen so as the Brits say ,”Carry on.”  That’s what I did. I found out that I’m crafty in the cerebral sense of design and ideas and functional only with a glue pen. Which in the end was enough, because I had some outstanding help!

Now we may not win the most beautiful, or best in show, but I hope we win most original or at least best effort!

All for now – Need a bandaid for my paper cut!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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