Hidden Gifts

As we get caught up in the self imposed chaos of Christmas shopping, remember to look for the hidden gifts of the day. I found such a gift this past Saturday.

Let me explain; about four months ago a woman stopped by my school during off hours.  She was soliciting for a charity event called “Light Up The Fort”.  The idea was to have local business buy a Christmas tree to decorate for a contest then have the public pay to view them. Now this all sounded fine and fun in the warmth of August, so I agreed – And so it began!

I finally realized what I volunteered to do the middle of November! Yikes there were students testing for black belt, then a graduation, a demo team to prepare! Throw in a Holiday Pro Shop sale, several charity collections and an under belt test and graduation. I was regretting my impetuous decision and whined about all the work and time!

Lucky for me I have a great staff and talented and creative students and parents (gift). We held two crafting sessions (did I mention I’m craft challenged). Then the actual day of the event was cold, damp and windy (three of the fatal four all we missed was snow). We all endured the decorating  with joy and laughter(gift). The biggest surprise was yet to be…

When we returned we found out we WON Most Imaginative Tree! (gift) Yet we won much more than $250.00  – We won the incredible feeling of doing for others, sharing time with people you enjoy being with, loving and living life (BIG GIFT)


Ginnie Award winning tree decorator….


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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