Growth Chart

After a brief hiatus to get my body some rest, and my brain cells recharged. I decided to blog on the final evening of 2011. I’ve also decided to make this about my growth this past year.Since I’m no longer growing physically at least not vertically and hopefully not in circumference. This is about my emotional and spiritual growth…

First what I did well; I reached my goal weight and maintained it! This was largely impart to Weight and scheduling my workouts early in the morning. I guess you can say my discipline improved. I also set a goal to write and I’m now writing two blogs. Writing has always been a passion of mine wether it was letters or maintaing my journals it was and is something I enjoy. I’m happy with my results and will continue to work on improving my skills. I also had adventures, I travelled to Arizona, attended a Red Sox game, a WPGA tournament, and concerts. I was more active in the community, participated in the Relay for Life, did the  Walk against Bullying and joined the committee. I entered my business in a tree decorating contest for charity (which we won).

What I improved upon: I spent more but still not enough time with my family. I was more disciplined with book work on my business but still plenty of room to grow. I got better at taking time to rest but usually waited until I was fried.

What I need to focus on; Saying No, not to be mean but for self preservation. Volunteering, spending more time being part of a solution rather than just writing a check. Doing nothing – Sitting quietly, daily yoga practice is good but I need to go further with meditation. Following through in a timely manor – Stop procrastinating!

So that’s my growth chart, I still have a lot of room to grow – Which is good it means I’m not finished!

Happy New Year!



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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