Today’s blog is dedicated to my cousin Charlie. Today he turns 60! He’s been in my life or should I say I’ve been in his life 54.10 of those 60 years. He lived next door to me for many of those years, and still is my mom’s neighbor. Charl is more of a brother than a cousin.

You see he is an only child and with us living next door to each other, certain responsibilities were given to him regarding me. Such as walking with me to the school bus (back in the day meant a half mile walk to the corner of the road – not to the edge of the driveway). He taught me how to shoot a basket ball, how to gap spark plugs, and how to build model cars you know – The usual stuff…

We have so many shared memories, some fun like shooting hoops in his driveway. Some very scary like the day he witnessed his dad’s fatal heart attack. There are the poignant times like when he helped me bring my dog Abby to Angel Memorial Hospital in Boston even though he knew there was no hope for her.

He has been and continues to be  a blessing in my life, and to think not too long ago we almost lost him. Like his father he had a heart attack, only he was lucky EMS resuscitated him. He never talks about it although he lives everyday fully. Here’s hoping he has many more!

Happy 60th Charl



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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