Sense vs Tired

First let me explain I’m training for a sixth dan in martial arts and I’m fifty something okay fifty-four.  Anyway back to my training. Preparing for a black belt test isn’t a new thing for me this is my tenth test ( I hold a few other belts). Yet this one is a little different. My approach is still regimented I feel like I’m pushing myself and being pushed yet its different.

A friend answer to this is, I’m using more sense during this go. Resting more, organizing my workouts better. She said I was being more mindful of my recent minor injuries,trying not to exacerbate those injuries or incur more. What my friend says maybe true. However,  I believe all of the sensible behavior is because, I’m too TIRED! So there are less double sessions, lighter weights, no forward rolls in reaction circles. I’m running two miles three times a week, not three or five miles five times a week. Plank positions have replaced push ups, sit ups are done in sets not until my tailbone rips through my skin!

In conclusion, wisdom doesn’t come from age; wisdom is being too tired to be stupid and crazy!

Time for a nap,


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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