Rude Awakening…

The title may infer, how the cat may wake you by purring into your ear – The neighbor’s car alarm going off – The phone ringing at an early hour and it’s a wrong number. I’m not referring to those rude awakenings. I’m speaking of the sudden realization that one day has arrived…

I encountered this sort of rude awakening in the gym this morning. I over heard two twenty somethings talking about things they want to do before they were fifty!  Hell I thought I had that very conversation the other week! Except that week was in 1982!

After the immediate shock and awe,I began to reassess my next thirty years. I’m going to focus less on accumulating things, and more on accumulating experiences. I don’t think at 85 I’m going to regret not owning a BMW – I would regret not going to Germany! To be honest the only “thing” I’ve regretted not buying, was a Rolex when I visited Switzerland in 1982 – I was 25 and it was something I’d do again “one day”.  One day has arrived and the exchange rate isn’t 1982 friendly…  So I’ll survive without the Rolex and seek more experiences with the people I love. Because when I’m gone it will be  the experiences we shared that will be treasured – Not the things I left behind.

So I’ll close with this small visualization; visualize a balance scale on the right place all the things you’ve accumulated .On the left all the experiences you’ve shared. I’m guessing if you’re happy the left out weighs the right.  experiencing life, there is an app for that – Its called living!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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