What Really Matters

Well the Super Bowel is over and now its time for people to regain their senses…

Just a quick introduction on my bias toward the two teams; I grew up watching and routing for the Giants. My dad and uncles weened me on Blue. However, after Bill Parcells went to the Patriots I followed them and became a fan. (My mother is a RABID PATRIOT FAN) – So you see I have a lot of perspective on both and love both teams. It wasn’t a win or a loss for me so I sort of feel happy/sad…

Now lets get down to what really matters! This was a game played by 106 men and coached by a bunch more… They are the only ones who should say WE or OUR  it was their win or their loss. My Patriot friends who have gone off the deep end the world has not ended! Life goes on! To my Giant Friends you didn’t Win. The team you route for did!

Facebook posts about God not listening to prayers, or wanting to die, or worse wishing fans of the other team ill will – Really? Sports are a wonderful escape and should be enjoyed and shared, but when we make it bigger than it should be we fail to see reality – We fail to see What Really Matters…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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