Let me begin by saying I was a fan of Whitney Houston. I wore out the cassette tape with One Moment In Time training for my Black Belt Test. I believe her rendition of the  National Anthem was the best I ever heard. Her talent was immense but not enough to make her happy. For what ever reason the life that should have been a fairytale – Actually was a tragedy and ended as a Horror Story…

With that said she wasn’t a hero! Nor do I think she would’ve wanted to be remembered that way. Why is it we take sports  and entertainment figures and elevate them to demigods? They are talented in their chosen profession. Some choose to do bigger things with their money and time in hopes to create positive change. They don’t run into burning buildings, jump out of planes to save someone, give endless hours of time in a lab researching to cure a disease, run a shelter for the homeless, take care of lepers, or any of the other forms of heroism.

So why are we treating this sad death as though we’ve lost Mother Teresa? Have we lost all sense of proportion? We have young men and woman come home every day after giving the ultimate sacrifice for this country… Lets reserve hanging the flags at half staff for those HEROS… Not a sad music icon who was her own undoing…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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