Looking Forward…

What do you do after completing or reaching a goal? For me I look forward to the next adventure or challenge…

I was tested for my sixth dan (6th degree black belt) this past Saturday. The training and preparation were fairly intense. To say I was focused would be an understatement! I loved the challenges this test brought. I wondered how or if my age would be a factor either with the training or the test – Other than a few nagging injuries that could have cropped up at any age the effect was minimal. In fact the experience benefitted me. I was better prepared for this test than any of the previous tests I’ve taken.

So with the test in my rearview, what’s next? First I need to get over this mild sense of post test let down. After training so hard for so long I feel a little at loose ends… It’s not like I haven’t anything to do – Believe me there are plenty of chores and projects that were put on hold that I need to get to – It ‘s the Looking Forward to and working toward something big, that I miss. Which means get myself in gear for the next challenge – Does  a half marathon seem big enough? I’ll let you know August 20th!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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