Unhealthy Care

Well here goes my yearly rant on the cost and management of health insurance…

I’m a self employed martial art instructor and at age 55 I’m in better physical condition than woman half my age. I’ve never smoked, I rarely drink (anymore) I workout six days a week, practice yoga and meditation, consume a very healthy diet , I’m in the upper ninety percent in BMI, have a pulse of 56 and a blood pressure of 94/60! Yet because I’m in the 55 year old group my health insurance (very basic plan) is going from $492.00 to $655.00!

I’m being punished for being 55! My life style and general health have nothing to do with my increase. We have safe driver insurance why can’t we have healthy living insurance? Is it my fault that people my age haven’t taken care of themselves? Why do I have to be burdened with their health care? I’m sick to death (can’t afford to be) of doing all the right things and being treated like every other BOZO on the bus!

Make it like car and life insurance, overweight and smoke, pay more! Hey lets take a physical every year for an insurance rate based your health and fitness and pay that! Hell uninsured motorists get tickets. How about sending out of shape people to fit camps and provide them with dietary instruction?  Its more cost effective than the meds and surgeries…

I’m fully aware of people with chronic illnesses this does not apply to them. I have a 57 year old cousin who’s in a nursing home with severe MS. I’m talking about the people who could be healthier if they changed their life style! Hell licenses get taken away for all sorts of driving infractions. Why not take away the beer,cookies and cigarettes?



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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