Who Are We?

I’ve been reading a lot of Wayne Dyer and I’ve been thinking a lot about a topic he writes and speaks about often… Who are we? Not the you on the outside the you on the inside?

We often have “Buddy Days” at my martial arts school and we give the buddies a HELLO MY NAME IS tag. Just play along for a second, say you were a buddy what would you write on your name tag? Most people would answer what they like being called “Gin” for  instance. Yet there is so much more that follows, people will give their names and then how THEY DEFINE themselves. For instance Gin, former RN, sixth dan, martial arts student 28 years, Sarah and Manny’s daughter, Bristolian, NHSN grad, BHS class of 75, Aries… This is only a sample the list is endless…

If you could humor me a moment and write a list of your Definitions. Then cross off all the things you accomplished, do, own, were born into… and notice what’s left.

Nothing, your parents gave you your name… We can morph into anything we want to become, because we are spirits, living in a human body. The Ego needs to be defined… Our energy just seeks peace…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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