Tea and Spirituality…

I don’t get sick, I get symptomatic. I state this for two reasons; One its mostly true I rarely get colds and or viruses, and if I do they manifest themselves as aches and being tired. When I do get “normal symptoms” I just tell people I’m symptomatic and never name it. Like stray cats if you give a cold a name you own it!

With that said this past weekend I was exhibiting the aforementioned aches and tired feelings, along with a symptomatic cough… I found the best way to deal with these annoying occurrences is to allow them to have their way! So I curtailed most of my weekend plans and rested. I consumed large amounts of peppermint tea and read, listened to and watched spiritually influenced books and programs. The result being a body,mind and spirit well taken care of and ready to take on the rigors of another crazy week!

The reason I’ve shared this with you is, I spent way too many of these episodes fighting them – Instead of giving in to them and allowing them to teach me to SLOW down! I hope you can see by choosing to give yourself a little tea and spirituality, you’ll not only feel better physically but spiritually. That my friends is a total recovery!



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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