I’m always, okay sometimes sensitive to the same word that pops up in different conversations. I try to take notice to that word, like it’s some sort of cryptic message from the universe. The word arrived has been bouncing in my head for the past few days is .I first took notice of it when Deepak Chopra used it to explain the West’s obsession with needing to get to something and never arriving (This is what I got out of it not a direct quote). Then I heard arrived used again when someone was speaking about a young star.  They said they had arrived, or really made it.

All of this got me to wonder, the following; How do you know when you’ve arrived? Secondly Where are we going?  I once thought  the answers where fame and fortune. Now that I’m older I haven’t a clue about either question…  I’m not even sure I want to arrive anywhere. I think I’m already here…

Be Here Be Now,


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....


  1. “Arriving” is overrated. If you’re always looking to arrive somewhere else or somewhere new, you will never enjoy the moment you are in. It’s a hard lesson to wrap your head around, I have to remind myself of it on a pretty regular basis.

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