A Little Cyber Reality…

I was mulling over the “social networking sphere” while I was running today (random thoughts while running keep me from thinking about how much my legs ache). Although I’ve been “on” Facebook and recently joined Twitter, I still can’t wrap my mind around “Friends” and “Followers.” Facebook makes you feel popular with all those friends.  Then again Twitter gives you Rock Star like status with “Followers.”

All of this got me to thinking if the “Social Networking Scene” started during the time of Buddha and Jesus would we all log in as disciples  or would we be apostles or prophets? Would the Buddha be able to meditate or would he have to update his time line? Would the Sermon on The Mount be a Web cast or could it be downloaded from iTunes? Would we hit like on Jesus’s status “Attending a Wedding at Cana, hope they have enough wine?” Would we re-tweet Buddha’s Tweet “Life contains suffering” ?

Obviously this is all tongue  in cheek but it get’s you to thinking. Really great things happen in the real world. Miracles need to be experienced and don’t require a like or  re-tweet. While the social network has brought information it’s lost intimacy …

Just a few thoughts from the run,


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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