Have To, Should Do – To-do’s…

My recent absence from blogging has a lot to do with my perception of Have To’s, Should Do’s and the always present To-Do list!  Being an over-achieving, goal oriented, control freak I’m a master of all of the above. However what happens when the To-Do’s rule your life? Your productive yes, your organized yes, but are you happy and content? To be perfectly honest not always. I love the satisfaction of getting things done and achieving my goal the only problem is there’s always another one to start and or finish. Which makes me feel like a hamster running on its wheel…

I know I’m not alone in this dilemma as many friends and associates claim to be caught up in the same hamster cage! What is the solution? I’m not totally sure but answers are always found in meditation and introspection. Take today’s jog for instance; while running around the reservoir  I realized that the swans, geese, blue jays, goldfinch and assorted fish had no agenda – They were present in the moment and I sensed peace. Then I was inspired by the beauty of the wild flowers Queen Anne’s Lace, Cat Tails, buttercups and assorted types of field grass. None of these seemed to be bogged down with have to’s and should do’s; The just were…

I’m not advocating doing nothing full-time but maybe putting it on the To-Do list would be a start to getting grounded…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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