A Week Later…

It’s been exactly a week since I got the news of Shirley’s death. I’m still kind of numb. Shirley has been gone for over a month and though I’ve only just found out she wasn’t physically among us. From the time of her death until I was notified she was still alive to me – Which is how I have to go on – Like she is still here…

I spent Monday morning by the water at Colt State Park, where Sai and I would go and talk (she would talk I would listen) those many mornings after work. Shirl would wrap her arm around my shoulder to get me to look her in the eye – Those crystal blue eyes filled with wisdom and compassion. I always felt like she could look right through me. Never being anyone to hold her tongue she would say” bubbie you need to face facts life is hard, no one gets a free ride.” You’re right Sai no free ride. I thought about that just as two gulls where flying by, one gull veered off and flew higher and the second one landed on a rock. I have no doubt Sai staged this as her goodbye…

One week down and a lifetime left without Sai, but she is still here – I just wish I could see her eyes one more time…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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  1. “…Ginnie,what you witnessed was for your eyes only….uncluttered moments….where your thoughts are clear & tranquil are the perfect environment for the soul to successfully reach your heart….do not dismiss what you believe…..God permits these moments. You will continue your time here guiding others in all aspects of life….just as Sai helped you.Until you meet again, view those blue eyes in your mind’s eye….& know she will continue to stand by you always…..”

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