Recharging Life…

The Taoist Yin and Yang are corresponding opposites; we can’t have light without  dark, good without evil… Nor can we train without rest and recovery – Believe me I’ve tried! Whether it was running, weight training or martial arts and more often than not all three! I have been of the opinion more is better – Not true . It is said with age comes wisdom (actually injuries, then wisdom). I’ve finally looked at myself and into my soul and have followed the above advice.

I’m currently on the seventh day of a ten-day break from work, and even though I’ve trained it has been minimal. I’ve done a great deal of reading,meditating and just being quiet alone. All of which has got me feeling physically better, happier and content! Who’d ever think that having a “Stay-Cation” could have brought me so many benefits?

We have all kinds of “chargers” to recharge everything from an iPod to a toothbrush. We’re ever aware of running out of battery life, but never aware we’re running out of life! So recharge by unplugging yourself, sit quietly and observe your life rather than being caught up in running your life…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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