Painting Retreat…

I’m back, in case anyone may have noted my absence from the blogging world – I’ve been busy renovating my condo.

The time away has taught me a lot about myself. Painting walls, ceilings, and trim each brought a different lesson. Walls required the use of a brush for cutting, patience and a steady hand along with focus. I found myself using controlled breathing while cutting it was like qui gong with a brush. Painting trim was like plyometrics lots of squatting and stretching, I thought I’d be sore but wasn’t. Ceilings were by far my least favorite! Painting ceilings require a great deal of strength (and a flexible neck).

There were a number of times during this remodel that I wanted to quit, I had to use all my discipline to see the project to the end! I’m proud of myself! Yes, proud because I never used music a radio or any other distractions. I made this project into a mental retreat… The result my friends family and instructor all commented m new found peace…

Did you know you could find yourself in Home Depot?


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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