Halloween! Tricks or Treats? I loved everything about Halloween as a kid dressing up, eating candy, visiting family and friends – What was not to like? 

Fast forward to age 55 and I’ve discovered for most of us Halloween is an everyday occurrence, not the door to door trick or treating but the various disguises we wear. Face it in some ways we’re more make believe than the super heroes and princesses we once portrayed. We begin our day recreating our selves with make up, hiding blemishes or bald spots. Dressing up, down, for success, to impress, shock, or to express individuality ( in outfits everyone is wearing). We either try to blend in or stick out in our social circles, creating and recreating our persona to fit the mood of the moment. We live a chameleon’s existence, often never revealing our true identity, even to ourselves…

Maybe this is why as adults we continue to love and participate in Halloween, we’ve never outgrown our need to be in disguises and it’s the only day we get to Choose who we want to be instead of being who we think others want us to be…

I love ironies, don’t you?


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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