To Excess…

Seems 2013 like all New Years before it, is riddled with conversations of “Excess”. Whether its Congress and the “Fiscal Cliff” (due to excess spending), or friends and family discussing, how excessively they spent or ate during the holidays…

All this talk of excess got me thinking about society as a whole and how excesses seem to be our greatest sin. Excesses can be detrimental or benign but they still effect us in some way. Some of the more common like over eating and drinking can mean the addition of a few pounds or a hangover for one person yet for someone else it can mean obesity and addiction.

Everyone has excesses in their lives it could be work, collecting, eating, caffeine, sex, TV, video games, drugs, religion, prayer, the list is endless… You may be wondering how can you have excess religion or prayer? In of themselves like anything else they are good or at the very least benign but what if they are done  excessively or compulsively?  If they were approached without real spiritual intent done just to feed a need of superiority? I know people like this…  You may think of them as holy or you may think they are sanctimonious. Which ever it still is a form of excess and they are just as out of balanced as the overeater.

I’m not trying to be a psychologist, nor am I damming beliefs or prayer all I’m saying is no matter what we do if it is “to excess” it is out of balance and therefore unhealthy. Plus I wanted to remind a few “sanctimonious” people who are critical of overeaters and drug addicts to remember what Jesus said ,”let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I’m just saying to excess is the “New Sin”…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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