Kindly Forgive…

I’ve been doing a lot of introspection, and through this process I tend to read, listen to audio presentations and watch a good deal of OWN programing. One of the audio presentations I’m revisiting is Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intentions. I’ve probably listened to this program at least twenty times, but each time I listen I get a new message.

Today Dr.Dyer reviewed kindness and it’s effects on our immune systems and serotonin levels. It seems with each act of kindness the giver and receiver have markedly increased serotonin levels. The more astounding fact is the people who witness this act of kindness have their levels increase also. This is very powerful information think of all the “good feelings” that could be spread just from being kind…

Forgiveness was another one of his topics I heard today.  This is one that resonates with me especially with those who carry grudges and hurt like a badge of honor. I don’t understand that attitude. It takes so much negative energy to hold all that venom and who is being hurt in the mean time? Which is why I love this quote by Mark Twain~ “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

My thinking that if we all act kindly, forgive and kindly forgive even for one day this world and all who are in it will be better…



By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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