Running in the Woods

I decided to take the path less run today, and hit some of the wooded trails in the beautiful state park in my home town. I don’t often run trails mostly because of time constraints, however I had an errand to do this morning, close by one of the most beautiful parks in the world and decided to veer off the pavement.

The woods in southeastern New England are ablaze with color and the musty scent of autumn, coupled by the scenes of Narragansett Bay that can be viewed through the foliage today’s run was art in motion! The runner in me was ever mindful of the uneven terrain but the photographer in me was scanning views for potential shots after the run. As I came out of the woods and by the  town beach I had the delight to watch kite surfers manipulate the wind and the water in what appeared to be a thrilling ride through the chop. 

Obviously none of this would have been experienced out of my front door and onto the streets of my neighborhood, which reminds me of why its important to look for new places and challenges to run. So if you haven’t tried off  roading in running shoes you’re missing something wonderful!


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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