Flipping The Switch

Ever been exhausted from not doing anything? That’s how I feel from this endless winter, exhausted – I didn’t get much done in the way of physical training, I maintained martial arts and weight training, I got into yoga, but cardio went into hibernation.

I’ve always looked at cardio as an outward expression of how I felt on the inside. When I run, cycle, hike or kayak it’s my inner child at play! Well, my inner child doesn’t like to play outside in the cold!  In fact my inner child becomes downright petulant, and pouts all winter. In fact most of this winter I had a hard time putting up with myself, so apologies to the people who’ve had to deal with my less than sunny disposition.

So why do I feel so lighter and brighter on March 2nd than I did on February 2nd? Lord only knows – In fact we’re supposed to have more bad weather yet I’m unfazed, its like flipping a switch from off to on when flipping the calendar from February to March. For instance today (a day off) and I was up at 5:30, read, practiced yoga did twenty minutes of meditation and I’m blogging again – It’s as if someone slipped me antidepressants. I can’t explain it. I know many people suffer from the “Winter Blues”, or SADDS, I guess I’m one of them.

Here is what I know, there are robins on the lawn crocuses are popping through the earth, the sun is out longer, nature is waking up and so am I.

Got to run, God I love saying that!


Soon we will have flowers soon
Soon we will have flowers soon


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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