Running Backwards…

Runs take on a life of their own today’s theme was running backwards, to another time in the same place. Here are a few of those thoughts and or observations;

Lush green hills you were for tumbling down, I see you covered with cousins, friends and my brother rolling and laughing then looking and observing the clouds for familiar shapes. Where are today’s children?  Hills are beckoning…

Lilacs the scent brings me back to May days in school bringing lilacs for the teachers and Saints in the church at SES. Beautiful lilacs once my grandmother’s and my aunt Lucy’s that bordered my childhood home, do children still bring teachers flowers?

Neighborhoods built in the sixties where baby boomers like me grew up adorn the main road I run. I ventured down one such road today, and found tiny ranch homes built by the greatest generation. When a 1700 square foot three bedroom one bath was enough to raise 3.5 children. Where hours must have been spent swinging on the swings in the small park with the chain link fence. Suddenly I have a vision of mothers wearing aprons and fathers coming home in work clothes caring a lunch pail. Where are you now? Your houses are peeling and the lawn needs mowing, do your children visit do the grandkids play on the swing? Almost on cue Glen Miller’s String of Pearls blasts in my ears and I smile, the spirit of times past is with me.

My pace slows as I’ve returned home and to the present, was it 30 minutes or 45 years? I’m left hoping I can run backwards another day and to another time…


By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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