This morning when I left for my long run, I thought my only decision was do I go north or south when I get to the bike path? That wasn’t to be; because as I turned out of my driveway I noticed the sidewalks were blocked off due to road work (I obviously didn’t think this was going to take place on a Sunday). I had to quickly create a detour plan that would have me avoid the road work on my return.

I was allowed to cross and ran own on the opposite shoulder as I ran and recalled my meditation exercise of the morning which was on handling obstacles (funny how the universe provides us with answers we didn’t know we needed). I took a deep breath and recalculated my route and just ran by feel. I ran by the nearby reservoir, to the local middle school took a lap around the track, proceeded to a small bike path that’s behind the middle school and around toward my usual weekday rout. All in all I got my six miles plus done, but more importantly I got to witness swans, a cormorant, a heron, and a red tail hawk. I doubt I would’ve seen all of these in either of my “usual” long routs.

We come across detours of some sort everyday in our lives, not just the ones due to road work but the less obvious ones. Like making a plan to do errands and then a neighbor requests to come along, or the item you planned on buying is no longer in stock. There are the bigger detours like making a life plan with someone and they’re taken away from you.  There are the dreams that got redirected due to circumstances. The list is endless.

Though detours can be a simple annoyance or a life shaping event. How we get through them is determined by our ability to find a purpose to move forward no matter how difficult. By moving forward we take back a little of the control that was taken from us, try to find a purpose to fill that is bigger than yourself.

Continue to look for the good, there may be a swan to see…

Run on,


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By gin

A master teacher in the martial arts, trying to master her life and her thinking to create a better world....

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