My name is Virginia but I go by many other names and labels; Ginnie, Gin, Ninj, and Master A.

I’m a former nurse turned martial art school owner and I’ve been living that passion since 1997.

I’ve traveled in my 20′ and 30’s pursued martial arts first as a hobby then as a life style and an occupation.

As a martial artist I’ve immersed myself in eastern philosophy and thought. I’m a student of the human condition and I love to learn but my passion is teaching.

I’ve run on and off since training for my black belt in 1991. However I didn’t become passionate about it until I decided to run a half marathon last year.

This blog is about insights that come to me during running. I’m not a life coach or a running coach in fact if you saw me “run” you wouldn’t call me a runner.

My hope is to make you think, maybe chuckle and maybe be inspired to set a goal or two of your own…

Run on G

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